What Is Propane?

Written on: December 19, 2022

An Intro to a Versatile Fuel

propane company new york We hope you know that you can count on Downey Energy for dependable propane delivery in the Hudson Valley. And hopefully you also know that we make propane delivery even easier by offering an Automatic Delivery plan. But how much do you know about propane itself. Propane is clean-burning, efficient, and versatile. Let’s take a closer look at what propane is and what it can do.

An Intro to Propane

What is propane? Propane is a product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. It’s usually compressed and stored as a liquid. It’s also called liquefied petroleum gas, LPG or LP.

Uses of Propane

Propane is extremely versatile, and so there’s a lot it can do in and around your Hudson Valley home. Here are some of the ways propane can provide comfort and utility for your household:

Propane’s Benefits

Propane offers a lot of benefits. It is safe and versatile. In addition to running a variety of appliances, propane comfortably heats your home and water, powers gas fireplaces, and gives you precise temperature control.

Here are more of propane’s benefits:

Downey Is Here for You

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