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Tuneups & Service Plans

Tune-ups and Service Plans

Downey Energy helps protect your investment

service plansYour water heater and furnace or boiler are essential equipment to keep your home warm, safe and comfortable. And they’re a big investment. Get the most out of that investment with regular maintenance!

Our knowledgeable, skilled and experienced service technicians provide annual tune-ups designed to keep your system running at peak efficiency, while spotting and fixing problems before they become worse. All of that can make your equipment have a longer life while lowering your energy costs!

Why get a service plan?

A service plan for your home’s furnace, boiler and water heater is like health insurance. It encourages good preventative care while covering you when things go wrong.

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Our service plans are for boilers and furnaces, whether they use propane or heating oil. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and your budget.

Oil-fired heating service plans

Plan A

Plan B

Plan C

Propane heating service plans

Plan A gives you:

With Plan B, you get the tune-up and 24-hour emergency service, and it also includes:

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