Propane Delivery

Propane Delivery Service in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam and Northern Westchester Counties, NY

Count on Downey Energy for dependable propane home delivery!

propane deliveryFrom Hopewell Junction to West Point and Peekskill, homeowners all over our Hudson Valley service area use propane to keep their homes warm and comfortable.

Propane is not only clean-burning and efficient, it can do a lot of things inside and out at your home. Here are some examples:

Propane gives you even whole-house heating and space heating.

Propane offers more energy-efficient water heating than electricity, and you can increase that efficiency with a propane tankless water heater with endless hot water when you need it.

Your laundry gets dry faster with a propane clothes dryer. There’s also less wear and fewer wrinkles.

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Cooking on a propane range gives you ease, precise and instant temperature control, and better results.

A propane fireplace or hearth provides cozy warmth with the push of a button.

Propane makes your backyard a staycation destination, because it can power your grill, pool and spa heater, deck or patio heater, firepit and more.

To get all that, you need a propane delivery company you can count on, one that’s reliable and safe. Many of your neighbors know that that company is Downey Energy!

Why choose Automatic Delivery?

Want to make propane delivery even easier?
Enroll in Automatic Delivery!
One of the great things about propane delivery is that it’s so easy. You don’t have to take time off from work or rearrange your schedule to be there to meet us. That’s because our delivery drivers don’t have to go into your home to access your propane tank.

Want to make propane delivery even easier? Enroll in our Automatic Delivery plan!

Automatic Delivery makes getting your propane effortless and worry-free. Once you sign up for Automatic Delivery, your work is done! No more having to go outside in rain or snow to check your propane tank gauge levels. No more worry if you forgot and your propane supply ran low—or, worse, ran out. And no more runouts, with their hassle and expense, including emergency delivery, a required pressure test, and professional relighting of the pilots on all of your propane appliances.

Instead, we track your propane usage and the current weather, and use that information to accurately predict when you will need a delivery. We then schedule one so that you’ll have it before you run low.

If you prefer more control over your propane deliveries, we still have our Will-Call option. With Will-Call, you are responsible for monitoring your propane usage and checking your tank gauge levels, as well as contacting us to schedule a delivery.

However you get your propane from us, Downey Energy customers get round-the-clock emergency service. We won’t leave you in the cold!

Downey Energy also makes it easy to manage your propane costs. We offer pricing and payment options you can tailor to best suit your needs and your budget. They include price protection programs and our Budget Plan.

Ready for propane delivery you know will be there for you? Become a Downey Energy customer today!