Price Protection

Price Protection

Protect your wallet with these plans!

price protection

The biggest challenge to managing your propane or heating oil costs is the roller-coaster ride of fuel prices. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a geopolitical crisis or something else, events half the world away can have an impact on your monthly bills.

Our price protection programs get you off that roller coaster! Choose the plan that works for you.

Pre-buy Plan

With Pre-buy, you buy your supply of propane or heating oil ahead of heating season at our lowest preseason price for every gallon you buy. No matter what happens in the markets, you have peace of mind, because you’ve already bought your fuel!

Price Cap Plan

The Price Cap Plan protects you from any price spikes. You agree on a price per gallon before heating season, and that agreed-upon price is the most you’ll pay. But it doesn’t stop there. If prices fall, and the daily market rate is less than your capped price when we deliver your fuel, you pay the lower market price!

You can also get the Budget Cap Plan, where you enroll in the Price Cap Plan and spread your costs over 10 or 12 even monthly payments.

Want to learn more about how our price protection plans work for you? Contact us today!