Signs Your Water Heater Isn’t Doing Its Job

Written on: July 17, 2023

water heater Northern Westchester county, nyYour water heater plays an integral role in your Hudson Valley home. It’s the reason you and your family have the warm and hot water you need to bathe, clean your clothes, wash your hands, clean your dishes, and more.

How much your water heater does is clear when you consider the following statistic: According to the U.S. Department of Energy, your water heater is responsible for roughly 20% of your energy bills. That’s a lot of hot water!

Given how important you water heater is, you want to know if it isn’t doing its job. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that warn something is wrong with your water heater and more trouble may be on the way.

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Is Your Water Heater Working Properly?

Don’t wait until your water heater breaks down to replace it. When a water heater fails, it can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. Plus, you’ll be without hot water until your new water heater is installed. What if it’s winter? Save yourself a lot of stress and extra expense by keeping an eye on your water heater and making sure it’s doing its job properly. If it isn’t, call the experts at Downey.

Fortunately, water heater breakdowns don’t usually happen out of the blue. There are usually some clear warning signs. Here are five signs your water heater probably isn’t doing its job and needs professional care:

  1. An energy bill increase. If there’s an increase in your energy bills that can’t be explained by an increase in fuel prices or an increase in your hot water usage, then your water heater may be to blame. Water heaters lose efficiency as they get older. Upgrading to a new highly efficient water heater could save you a lot of money over time.
  2. Leaks or rusty water. If you notice puddles under your tank or if it starts producing rusty water, that’s a sign of corrosion. This problem is particularly common with steel tanks. Leaks and rust are not problems you should ignore. They’re both signs that your water tank is probably very close to breaking down completely.
  3. Hard water stains. Hard water stains show up as white marks on your silverware and glassware after they’ve gone through the dishwasher. Having hard water usually means there is a lime buildup in your tank. A lime buildup in your tank can decrease your water heater’s efficiency and shorten its lifespan.
  4. Weird noises. If you hear growling or gurgling sounds coming from your storage tank, it’s probably due to a build-up of sediment in the tank. This is not a problem you should ignore because ignoring it for too long will lead to serious problems that require expensive repairs or premature replacement.
  5. Your water heater’s age. A well-maintained water heater should last approximately 10 years. Once it reaches that age, even if your water heater isn’t showing any signs of trouble, it is still a good idea to replace it. Your new water heater will run more efficiently and reliably—saving you money on your energy bills.

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