The System 2000: A Different Kind Of Boiler

Written on: August 24, 2020

AFUE rating new york

You’ve probably seen the yellow sticker on your boiler, but chances are you haven’t paid it much mind in the past.

The truth is, that sticker is kind of important, because it includes your boiler’s AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating – a measure of efficiency for your boiler. In a boiler with an 85 percent AFUE rating, 85 percent of the fuel it consumes is converted to heat in your living space; the rest is lost along the way – more on that in a minute.

Although AFUE is a good starting point when it comes to evaluating energy efficiency, it is not the only factor to consider. In fact, a study showed that you could spend as much as $800 more per year for fuel with one boiler compared to another with a nearly identical AFUE rating.

How can this happen?

Boiler Efficiency Specifics

Simple: AFUE only measures energy lost by the boiler itself – usually to the chimney. It does not take into account other factors that can affect a boiler’s efficiency, including:

To get a real world measure of boiler efficiency, you need to consider all these issues and more.

The Energy Kinetics System 2000 – A different kind of high-efficiency boiler

The good news is someone has already done that work for you. Downey Energy offers boilers from Energy Kinetics whose unique design minimizes or eliminates chimney, jacket, idle, and draft regulator loss.

Want even better news? The System 2000 heats both your home and your water to maximize efficiency. It runs whisper quiet and heats water up six times faster than most water heaters – which means you’ll never run out of hot water again.

A System 2000 boiler – properly sized, installed, and maintained by expert Downey Energy technicians – is an investment in your home comfort that will pay for many years to come. Contact us for a FREE estimate on a System 2000 boiler today!