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Price Protection – Propane

Propane Price Protection

Protect your wallet with these plans!

The biggest challenge to managing your propane costs is the roller-coaster ride of fuel prices. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a geopolitical crisis or something else, events half the world away can have an impact on your monthly bills.

Our  price protection programs get you off that roller coaster!

With Pre-buy, you buy your supply of propane ahead of heating season at our lowest pre-season price for every gallon you buy. No matter what happens in the markets, you have peace of mind, because you’ve already bought your fuel!

With Price Cap, if propane prices rise you will never pay more than the cap price. If prices fall for a period of more than a week, your price will as well. Which means that at anytime the daily rate is lower than the cap you will receive that price. There is an additional fee to cap your price.