Is Your Grill’s Propane Cylinder Full And Certified?

Written on: May 11, 2021

grill tank service new yorkMay is National BBQ month, which makes it the perfect time to get cooking on your propane grill!

But before you set out to take advantage of your grill’s many benefits, it’s a good idea to check to see how much propane is in your portable tank, and whether or not your propane cylinder is up-to-date (in case you didn’t know, all grill cylinders require periodic recertification – see details below). 

How To Tackle These Propane Tank To-dos

To check how much propane is in your portable cylinder:

Most 20-lb propane gas cylinders (such as the one on your barbecue) have no gas gauge. The best way to judge how much gas is left is to simply weight it.

Most propane grill tanks come with two numbers stamped on the handle – the water capacity (“WC”) and “Tare Weight” (TW – the weight of the tank when empty). Most empty barbecue tanks weigh about 17 pounds and hold about 20 pounds of gas; to measure how many pounds of propane are left in your tank, simply weigh it on a scale and subtract the TW number. For example, if a tank weighing 28 pounds has a TW of 17 pounds, there’s about 11 pounds of gas left – a little more than half a tank.

Don’t have a scale? Try this method using a little hot tap water.

To recertify your propane barbecue tank cylinder:

Propane cylinders need to be recertified 12 years from their manufacturing date, and every five years after that, to ensure they’re operating safely. If your propane tank is deemed to be unsafe after an inspection, you will have to replace it.

To check your tank, look for your tank’s certification sticker; check the date to see if it is current. If it is not, contact us to get a replacement tank, or to recertify your current one (just be sure to bring your tank to us safely!).

If your certification is current but you need more propane, we can help you with propane cylinder exchanges in the Hudson Valley – contact us today to learn more!

Get grilling with your certified and refilled propane tank! Exchange or refill your cylinder at our office, located at 1 Bank Street in Cold Spring. We also have cylinder exchanges at area gas stations – contact us for details!