BBQ Grill Tank Exchange & Refill

Written on: April 18, 2022

Propane Tanks in the Hudson Valley

grill tank refill new yorkSpring is finally here! You can hear the birds sing in the morning. The trees are budding. And that sharp chill in the air is getting warmer and warmer each day. It’s time to get back into your backyard and enjoying your outdoor space again. It’s time to start firing up your BBQ grill again.

Now that BBQ season is upon us, you’re going to need a steady and reliable supply of propane. Downey Energy provides safe and expertly managed propane tank installation and BBQ grill tank exchange and refills.

Whenever you need a propane tank for your grill, Downey Energy can help. We provide exchanges and refills for propane cylinders in the following sizes:

Those propane cylinders can be used for much more than your BBQ grill. They can also be used for portable heaters, cooking stoves, and RVs.

Exchange or Refill

Downey Energy makes exchanging or refilling your propane cylinder easy. Simply visit our office at the following address to exchange or refill your propane cylinder:

1 Bank Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516

Or, if you’d prefer, we also have propane cylinder exchanges at area gas stations. You can contact us for additional details.

Whatever your propane needs, Downey Energy is the propane company you can trust.

Safety First

At Downey Energy, we care about your safety. Now that BBQ grilling season is upon us, make sure everyone in your household knows what to do in the event of a leak.

Propane smells like rotten eggs. If you smell a leak, even just faintly, or if you hear a hissing noise near your tank, take the following steps immediately:

  1. Turn off the valve.
  2. Leave the area and call 911 once you’re a safe distance away.
  3. Do not restart your appliance until a qualified technician has inspected both the tank and the appliance. 

For additional propane safety information, click here.

From Poughkeepsie to Garrison, Newburgh to Mahopac, and all over the Hudson Valley, Downey Energy is there for our Hudson Valley customers. Click here to see if you’re in our service area.

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