How To Extend the Life of Your Furnace or Boiler

Written on: November 22, 2021

Regular System Maintenance is the Key

heating tune-up new yorkA properly working furnace or boiler is essential to keeping your Hudson Valley home warm, safe and comfortable. And, as you know, your home heating system represents a big investment. You can get the most out of that investment with regular system maintenance!

The knowledgeable, skilled and experienced service technicians at Downey Energy provide annual heating tune-ups designed to keep your system running at peak efficiency while spotting and fixing small problems before they turn into big, expensive repairs. This can make your equipment have a longer life while lowering your energy costs.

Ensure Regular Maintenance with a Service Plan

A service plan from Downey Energy guarantees you an annual tune-up. Besides including the cost of your tune-up, a service plan will also save you money with comprehensive repair coverage and help you rest easy with our promise of priority service should you ever have a no-heat emergency.

A service plan for your home’s furnace or boiler is like health insurance. It encourages good preventative care while covering you when things go wrong.

Our service plans are for boilers and furnaces—with add-on coverage for water heaters—whether they use propane or heating oil. We have three plans for you to choose from.

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New Heating Equipment Options

If you think your boiler or furnace has reached the end of the line and you don’t want to spend any more money on costly repairs, speak with us about your options in new heating systems.

We make things easy for you because Downey Energy installs, maintains, and repairs gas boilers, oil boilers, gas furnaces, and oil furnaces.

Today’s high-efficiency boilers provide more heat more efficiently than units made just 20 years ago. Higher efficiency means more energy savings, which of course translates into lower energy costs. This is why it pays to learn as much as you can about today’s high-tech heating solutions—and Downey Energy is here to help you, with all of the latest information on high-efficiency boilers, including the ultra-efficient System 2000 boiler.

Just like boilers, furnaces are much more efficient today and burn less fuel.

If your furnace is older, if you have needed repairs in the last few years, or if you are having home comfort issues, contact us for a free, no-obligation heating system evaluation. We will conduct a full inspection and determine if you could benefit from an upgrade to a new furnace—one that will not only enhance your home comfort but save you money as well.

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