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Written on: August 15, 2022

Downey’s Budget Program

energy payment options new yorkThings are getting tougher and tougher for Americans financially. Prices for everything from gas to groceries have been on the rise all summer. Inflation is breaking decades-old records, and many predict a recession is on its way. Chances are you’re looking for ways to economize.

Downey Energy gives you the means to keep control over your propane and heating oil costs. Simply enroll in our Budget Plan and you’ll always know what your bill is going to be from month to month.

Downey Energy’s Budget Plan

Staying on top of your budget becomes even more challenging when you can’t predict how much things will cost from month to month. However, even though we’re seeing a lot of volatility in the price of just about everything lately, your heating oil or propane bill doesn’t have to be a surprise. It can look exactly the same every month.

If you’d like to keep your fuel costs predictable and affordable, simply sign up for Downey Energy’s Budget Plan. And now is an ideal time to sign up, because our program begins in September.

Don’t get caught with exponentially higher bills this winter. You may not be thinking about the colder days ahead now, but when winter comes to the Hudson Valley, your fuel usage will increase. Chances are, fuel prices may increase as well because the price of fuel usually trends higher during the colder months due to supply and demand. But even when your usage goes up or the price of fuel goes up, you can pay the same amount for your fuel all year long. You just need to sign up for our Budget Plan. Once you enroll, even during a high usage month when you need more than one fuel delivery, your bill won’t change.

The Numbers

How do we calculate your monthly bill? First we estimate your total yearly fuel usage and cost. Then we divide that into 10 equal payments. And that’s what you pay every month from September through June. Even if your usage increases or the price of fuel increases, your monthly payment stays the same.

Enjoy the Downey Difference

Downey Energy is the Hudson Valley’s leader in reliable propane and heating oil delivery. We’ve been serving residential and commercial clients in the Hudson Valley for over 100 years. We know these are financially challenging times, and we’re proud to offer our customers personalized pricing and payment options for managing their fuel costs.

Don’t wait. September is just around the corner. Contact us today to learn more or to sign up for our Budget Plan.