Propane: Great for Commercial Use, Too

Written on: June 21, 2021

commercial propane supplierPropane gas is one of the smartest and versatile ways to power a home – but don’t sell it short for commercial use, either.

Because propane burns hot and clean, commercial propane appliances and heating systems can achieve efficiency ratings that reach well into the 90s. With that kind of performance, opting for propane is a great way to improve your company’s bottom line.

Consider the benefits of commercial propane for these applications in your office or workspace:

Bulk Propane: Great for Farms, Temporary Heat, and Commercial Operations, Too

While propane will definitely help out around the office, it really shines in industrial applications. For example:

The Bottom Line

When it comes to efficiently power your office appliances and commercial equipment, propane delivers – especially when compared to electricity. Contact Downey Energy today to learn what propane can do for your business!

Need bulk propane for your commercial operations? We can help! Contact Downey Energy today about bulk propane delivery options, or to get a FREE, no-obligation estimate on commercial propane equipment installations in Dutchess County, Orange County, Putnam County, and northern Westchester County, NY.