What Well Pump Does My Home Need?

Written on: April 15, 2024

A Useful Guide

well pump service Putnam County, NY Well pumps perform an essential function. They are how water gets from your well to the pressure tank that provides water for your Putnam County, NY home. When your tank needs more water, the pressure switch signals the well pump to send water from the well. Once there’s enough water (pressure), the switch then signals the well pump to turn off.

Choosing the right well pump is crucial for efficient water supply in your home. The size of the pump should be determined based on your household’s water consumption and the depth of your well. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Well Pump Sizes

Well pumps are typically available in sizes ranging from 1/2 horsepower (HP) to 5 HP. The size refers to the power of the pump’s motor. A larger pump can pump water from greater depths and at a faster rate.

Factors to Consider

Here are the factors to consider when determining the well pump size that’s best suited for your Putnam County home’s needs:

  1. Well Depth: The depth of your well is a critical factor. Deeper wells require more powerful pumps to bring the water to the surface.
  2. Water Demand: Calculate your home’s water demand in gallons per minute (GPM). Consider all sources of water usage, including bathrooms, kitchen appliances, and outdoor irrigation.
  3. Vertical Lift: Also known as the vertical rise, it’s the distance from the pump to the highest point of use in your home.

Choosing the Right Size

To choose the right size well pump for your home, you need to match your home’s water demand (GPM) with the pump’s capacity to deliver water at a specific depth. Pump performance charts provided by manufacturers can be helpful in this process.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right well pump size is essential for efficient water supply. While smaller pumps are more energy-efficient and cost-effective, they may not meet high water demand or pump water from great depths. Conversely, a pump that’s too large for your needs can lead to energy wastage and increased wear and tear. Therefore, understanding your specific needs and consulting with a well pump professional at Downey Energy is crucial in making the right choice.

Quality Products & Service

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